NAD Education COVID19 resources page

District Resources

Teacher Intent

Please submit your intent for next school year by January 31

Tuition Assistance

Online Form

Open from August 1-Sept 30 every year

PDF from

Expense Report

Here you can submit your PD receipts, tech funds when available, mileage, per diem, special class funds.

Professional Activity Credits

You have 2 ways to submit your professional activities

  1. PDF form at SDACC resources website - HERE

  2. Online form at ALC dashboard - HERE is a help page on how to do it

Alberta Conference Teacher's Collaboration Site

Using your school account you will have access to our own list of resources. A google Shared Drive will be available to drop materials that you find useful and you can browse to find what other colleagues shared as well.

Happy Sharing!

Salary Scale

NAD Resources

NAD Adventist Educators SLACK

Invite link

This is a place where you can network with other denominational employed educators across the NAD. Post questions/comments to everyone in the #general channel - or any other channel. Want to connect directly? That's an option, too! Let's start collaborating!

Note: This is a closed group for educators employed by Conference or Unions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America only.

Membership is on an approval-basis only.

Online Resources - Schools

Adventist Education - Online Store

You will need your ORG ID number which can be found in eAdventist.

Access to Education Digital Resources begins October 1.

The store will be closed for ordering September 16.

Mathletics = We have a District wide license, please contact if you need more information

Zoom Renewals and Subscriptions = Please contact Eric or Scott at to renew or buy your school licenses